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"Only a few jobs are important enough to be in the Constitution. Criminal defense attorney is one of them. I take that responsibility very seriously."



• Pre-Indictment​

• Trial​

• Sentencing
• Appeal


Marlo Pfister Cadeddu is deeply committed to defending and protecting the rights of the accused, including the right to trial by jury. Marlo helps her clients to make informed and considered legal decisions by providing detailed explanations of charges, plea options, negotiating strategies, possible trial outcomes, sentencing scenarios and potential appellate issues. Although Marlo provides recommendations and risk assessments, the ultimate decision regarding whether to pursue a plea or go to trial ultimately rests with the client.

Importantly, Marlo understands that facing federal criminal charges is a stressful and emotionally trying experience for her clients and their families. Marlo believes in providing top-notch legal representation in the context of a supportive and collaborative attorney-client relationship.



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