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There is a political ad currently running on television that criticizes Tim Kaine for his work as a criminal defense attorney. Entitled “America Deserves Better,” this ad states that Kaine “consistently protected the worst kinds of people” and “has a passion for defending the wrong people.” The implication of this ad is that criminal defense attorneys – particularly those who take capital cases – have defective characters because we defend criminals. This view of criminal defense lawyers as loathsome and amoral...


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"Ex-Congressman Sentenced to 10 Years
for Stealing Charitable Donations"
reported in the New York Times.


"Did Gas Pipe defendants know they were trafficking drugs? Jurors will decide" reported in the Dallas Morning News.


Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five, a book by Miko Peled.

"Accidental Warrior: The Life and Time of Barrett Brown," a full-length documentary produced, directed and edited by Anna Zetchus Smith.

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"Chelsea Manning's Lawyer, a New Mexico 'Trailblazer,' Zeroed In on Key Distinctions" reported in The National Law Journal.

"Relatively Free" a documentary short on the release of Barrett Brown from custody by Alex Winter for Field of Vision.

"No New Trial Needed In $374M Medicare Fraud, Gov't Says" reported in Law360.

"The Children of ISIS" reported in Rolling Stone.

"Barrett Brown's Lawyer Speaks Out" reported in HuffPost Live.


"Barrett Brown Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison, Looks Horrible in Mustard Yellow Jail Togs" reported in D Magazine.


"Second Lawyer to help Price Co-Defendant Dapheny Fain" reported in the Dallas Morning News.


"Man tied to hacking group Anonymous back in court" reported in Huffington Post.

"Overwhelming volume of electronic evidence threatens to transform justice system" reported in the Dallas Morning News.

"200 Terabytes of Government E-Discovery Abuse" reported in Forbes.

"Terror trial case is false, defense says" reported in the Los Angeles Times.

"Survey Reveals Little Change in Sentencing Habits After Booker" reported in the Texas Lawyer.

"Pakistani gets five years for blades in carry-on at D/FW" reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Colleyville businesswoman sentenced:  Spa owner gets 61/2 years in prison for money laundering" reported in the Dallas Morning News.

"Mail fraud conviction overturned: Federal judge changes jury verdict in ex-Dallas officer's auto title case" reported in the Dallas Morning News.